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Hi! I’m Arthur, a Software Engineer based in NYC.

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Arthur Kauffman is a writer and software engineer in Brooklyn. He currently works at Aledade, a healthcare startup helping deliver a better experience for patients and providers. He is the co-creator of Campion, an open-source, edge deployable circuit-breaker middleware.

He likes bicycles, exploration of all sorts, stories, and cats. He dislikes unquestioned assumptions, purposeless meetings, and people that talk about themselves in third person.

He occasionally writes about coding and other topics on his blog.

About Me

Yo! Glad to meet you.

I'm always happy to chat about big problems and intriguing conundrums. I have lots of experience on the frontend and the backend, but always find myself most content when I'm tackling new territory.

The tools I frequently reach for when building a project are React, Rails, Node, Python, SQL, or AWS, but I'm always excited about innovative and emerging technologies.

If you have an idea we can collaborate on or want to grab a coffee, !

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