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Hi! I’m Arthur, a Software Engineer in Pittsburgh.

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Arthur Kauffman is a software engineer in Pittsburgh and currently works at Aledade, a healthcare startup helping to change the future of value based care in the US.

He is the co-creator of the open source project Campion, a serverless circuit breaker for distributed systems built to be deployed to AWS Lambda@Edge and Cloudflare Workers.

About Me

I'm an experienced engineer who is happiest when working on and thinking about big problems, whether those problems are technical or not. My background is in working with and leading teams of diverse people to get things done.

I'm fully comfortable with backend and frontend work and love to tackle challenges across the stack. Here's a few examples of some recent problems I've worked on:

  • Designed and built an ETL pipeline to automate the ingestion of millions of data rows into Postgres and Snowflake
  • Shipped a specialist referrals app that utilized local storage, Flask API's, Postgres, Vue/Vuex/Typescript frontend, Google Maps integration, Redis cache layer, PostGIS for spatial functionality, and custom legacy app integration
  • Troubleshot some complex, slow queries that heavily relied on materialized common table expressions and were being mistreated by the Postgres planner

If you have an idea we can collaborate on or want to grab a coffee, !

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